Size M upcycled denim UV reactive
Hand painted using acrylic and textile medium
Sleeves have been cut to fringe with a stylish, natural worn look with loose threads
Machine washable, hang to dry

I love the beauty of a luna moth and have been captivated by them since the first one I came across in my yard last year. It was barely alive, and I wanted to help so I looked up what they eat or drink only to discover they don't have mouths to do so. Their life span after becoming a moth is only about a week. Curious creatures. This jacket combines my love of all, and is black light reactive for extra fun. Take it to a festival or show it off casually, sure to turn heads in this beauty and make ya feel like a rainbow warrior goddess!

Rainbow Warrior - Hand Painted Denim Vest Jacket - Black Light Reactive

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  • Machine wash gentle, hang to dry